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I grew up playing music from a young age and got into DJing in my early teens. I went on to study audio engineering at McNally Smith School of Music in St. Paul Minnesota and received an AAS in Audio Engineering and Production in 2001. I got my first job as head audio engineer at just 19 years old at Sample Kings Studio in New York recording rap music, most notably Ol' Dirty Bastard of the Wu-Tang Clan.


Since then I have worked in all fields of audio; recording, engineering, film, podcasting, live sound, music, interactive sound design, audiobooks, games, education, and more. You can check out some of my favorite projects below.

I now focus on podcast consulting and creation. You can find out more by visiting

Podcast headphones

Blinkist Audio Branding

In 2018 I was a part of the team that led the audio branding initiative at Blinkist. We developed a special design sprint with help from Martin Backes that nailed down the types of sounds, instruments and scales that fit with Blinkist's brand values. I coordinated music production with Greatest Kidz that led to a modular toolkit I built in Ableton Live that allowed for Blinkist's engineers to quickly create music that uniquely fit the Blinkist brand. Along with Odysseas Constantinou and Ben Schuman-Stoler, we produced and shaped the audio logo for Blinkist that encapsulates their message "Big ideas in small packages", now featured in their app, website and marketing. 

In 2021 we won the German Design Award for Best Brand Identity and an International Sound Award for Better Sound for our work on the project. 


I founded Wander, an immersive audio tour start-up, along with Molly Levinson-Kroeber and Alessandro Spano.


Wander is an audio-first discovery app that uses 3D immersive audio to be your local guide on everything. From planning and experiencing your world travels to rediscovering your own neighborhood. Our initial product covered Berlin, from historical sites to the best food spots, hidden gems, and everything in between. The tours are short 4-5 minute bite-sized audio in the style of a narrative podcast, with exceptional sound design, music, and writing.  


I was responsible for the content creation; writing, editing, producing, voice-over, and production of the tours. In just a few months we created over 20 audio tours spanning all of Berlin. You can listen here.

Wander audio tours

"Kaleb's expertise in audio consulting made all the difference for us at With his clear and concise audio guidelines, streamlined recording process, and exceptional voice-over recordings, our audio production has reached new heights."

Ines Rath / Co-Founder & Co-CEO


I worked with to develop audio guidelines, create mixing templates, and record voice-over recordings for both their skills and meditations for their employee mental health app. In addition, I created branded video content along with one of their customers, Career Foundry.

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