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Ever since I can remember I was playing board games with my friends and family. But it wasn't until I moved to Germany and began playing Settlers of Catan that I really got into the hobby. I took a trip to Italy with my friend Aric and we began discussing creating our own board game, and that's when I co-created my first game, Chicken Fox Corn.

Since then I have worked on numerous prototypes, nearly self-published my first game, and then ultimately sold my first design to a publisher.

Power Vacuum will be my first published game and will be available to order on Kickstarter in April of 2024.

board game prototype

Power Vacuum

Power Vacuum is a 1-5 player trick-taking game with some treacherous twists. The game is played over several rounds, and in each round players use tricks to adjust the Power levels of other players to work toward their hidden Agenda cards. Power is gained by winning tricks with the highest number of the led suit, but it is also gained, lost, and exchanged between players through shrewd use of the Control Board, which is manipulated by the player of the lowest card of ANY suit. If at the round's end, you have fulfilled your Agenda card, successfully picking the players with the most and/or least amount of Power, you get a large bonus payout. End-of-round points are exchanged for pieces of a great statue you are building to yourself. The first player to complete their statue becomes the next Supreme Appliance!

Crime Spree

Crime Spree is a sandbox tabletop game for 2-4 players. Players begin the game as low-level criminals, earning dirty money and street cred in a variety of ways: controlling turf, committing heists, dealing drugs, and assassinating targets. As you move further up the ranks you can buy money laundering operations and influence elections. Your turn starts with drawing scheme cards and/or gaining dirty money. Then you choose two actions. Possible actions include: driving on the map, shooting other players or their crew, shopping on the black market (to buy guns, ammo, and items), or doing a location-specific action (such as putting out more muscle on the streets, collecting resources, doing crimes, or laundering money). Dirty money and street cred are earned based on the outcomes of many of these actions and can be traded for clean money (points). The winner is whoever has the most clean money at the end of the game.

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